The Prince George Conference and Civic Centre is committed to developing and maintaining best practices to be a sustainable venue. We have comprised a PGCCC Green Team consisting of staff from administration, operations, and food & beverage.

Contact your Event Coordinator if there is anything specific you would like to make your event green.


Reduce waste

  • Digital signage
  • Linen-free meeting tables
  • Three stream waste/recycling containers
  • Purchase products that are easily reused, recycled or biodegradable
  • Sensors on water taps


Lower energy use

  • Use natural light, energy efficient lighting and LED equipment
  • Sensors on lights
  • Carbon neutral green energy through the Downtown District Energy System
  • Energy efficient appliances


Sustainable food and beverage

  • Non-perishable food waste donated to local charities
  • Jugs of fresh water instead of bottled water
  • Recycle all beverage containers



  • Recycle paper, cardboard, print cartridges, and batteries
  • Ensure that recycling containers are located in easy to access areas
  • Reusable centrepieces available


Additional items

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • All staff are trained in appropriate environmental behavior